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Refresh eDesign

My signature service, perfect for a wide range of people, this package includes all the essential design assistance as my Full Service package, minus the 3D renderings.  This means that you still get a custom curated design in your home at a fraction of the cost.  Already know your way around a design plan?  Good at visualizing a design in your head when shown the elements?  Want to maximize your budget or on a bit of a tighter budget?  My Refresh eDesign package is just what you need! 

What is included? 
  • Pre-assessment of your needs and preferences for the space including one 30 minute video chat.  

  • Access to my Client Portal housing all of your project deliverables for the duration of the project, and for 60 days after delivery of the final design. 

  • One Concept Board (one revision included).

  • One Floorplan (one revision included).

  • One additional 30 minute video chat if needed to discuss revisions to initial design concept. 

  • One clickable shopping list including all of the key pieces for the space.* 

  • Tips and Tricks for implementing your design effectively.

  • Access to me via e-mail for the next 60 days after project delivery for questions.**

Refresh eDesign Starts at $699 per room

Please read all of the information below prior to booking.  By booking your are agreeing to all of these terms. 

* Key pieces include furnishings, lighting, rugs, window coverings and primary decor.  It does not include small styling items. 

** This is for advice on implementing the delivered design only.  It does not include any unrelated design questions or further revisions to the design.  For those, please see my  Designer On-Call and Add-On Hours services.

Need a little more help visualizing your final space?  Check out my Full Service eDesign Package.

The Process
  • After receiving payment I will send you a welcome e-mail within 2 business days.  This will contain the link and password to your personalized page on my Client Portal.  From your Client Portal page you can access the eDesign Agreement which you will need to sign before we proceed.  

  • Next you will fill out a Project Assessment Questionnaire.  As part of this questionnaire you will be guided in taking thorough measurements, and submitting digital photos of the space I will be working on.  

  • After submission of your questionnaire we will schedule a 30 minute video chat so that we can meet virtually, clarify any questions you or I may have, and discuss the design direction for your space.  At this time I will ask for a basic idea of your budget.  Although budget management is not a part of this service, it will help guide me when choosing vendors to source your products from.  If you are unsure of what typical budgets are for different areas of the home, you can go to my Budget Guide for help.  

  • I will deliver your initial design concept board and floorplan within 15 business days of our video chat.  At this time I ask for feedback from you about the initial concept and any areas that may need tweaking.  We can schedule another 30 minute video chat for this if needed.   

  • After receiving your feedback I go to work on your final design plan which you will receive within 15 business days.  

  • You will have access to your Client Portal page for 60 days after delivery of the final design, as well as access to me by e-mail for questions as you implement your design plan.

  • After implementing your design please share photos with me!  I love seeing what we were able to create together.  

Things to Note
  • Interior Design, and eDesign in particular, relies heavily on the quality of the communication we share.  I will be as thorough as I possibly can in learning about you, your space and your preferences so that I can create a custom design for you that you will love.  At different steps in the process I will request information from you that will help me to understand your wants and needs.  I ask that you please be thorough and complete in the information you provide me. The more thorough you are, the better and more personal your design will be! 

  • I do not guarantee completion of your eDesign package within a specific timeframe other than the one outlined above, or abbreviate the process.  Cutting corners will not give you the quality result I want for you.  Also know that I take customers on a first come, first served basis and will never "bump" anyone up ahead of you.  I do recommend that you respond to my inquiries in a timely manner because the faster you do, the faster we can move through the process. 

  • There are no cancellations or refunds on packages once the eDesign Agreement has been signed.  Please carefully read over all of the information on this page and my website prior to purchasing a package to ensure that you understand my process.  I try to be as transparent and detailed as possible so that you know exactly what services and deliverables you are receiving when you book with me.  Also, please look over my Portfolio and my take my Style Quiz so you are familiar with the type of work I do and what styles I work in. If you have any specific questions about a package or the process please feel free to go here to email me.

  • One revision to the Concept Board and Floorplan are included in your package.  All changes to the initial design plan must be requested and discussed during the feedback stage of the initial design, either via the feedback form or during a scheduled video chat.  Should you need additional revisions to your design after the feedback stage, you can purchase more design hours here.  These can be purchased in 5 hour increments and are billed at my hourly rate of $100 an hour.    

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