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Fun... & Games

Yes, you heard right – fun and games!  Interior design isn't neurosurgery or search and rescue. Nobody's in danger if your home doesn't look like it leapt out of an influencer's Instagram feed. So relax, have a little fun, and embrace your unique style! To kick off your journey to enjoyable design, check out these entertaining games and quizzes designed to lower your stress and boost your creativity. Enjoy!

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High/Low Challenge Answers!!

If you've just completed my high/low challenge quiz, you're probably curious about the real costs of the items featured. Well, you're in the right place! Let's dive into the details and see how you did. Enjoy uncovering the answers!


Haven't taken the quiz yet?  Click here to take it first (because no one likes a spoiler).  

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Are you a High/Low Pro?

If you missed my quizzes on Pinterest or my Instagram stories, you're in luck!  This is where I house them all. 

What's Your Design Style?

Not sure where to begin with decorating your home?  Start by discovering what you truly love. Take this design style quiz to pinpoint your preferences.

And remember, your tastes can be as unique as you are—this quiz will reveal your top two style preferences!  Dive in and start shaping your space with confidence.

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