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Colorful City Apartment Bedroom

Remote Design (also called online Interior Design or eDesign) is design conducted through a virtual process, whether through web platforms, video or phonecalls or e-mail.  That means no matter where you are in the country we can collaborate!

Why Remote Interior Design?

Not everyone needs or wants conventional Full-Service Interior Design which is costly and some people may find it intrusive or intimidating.  If you're looking to enlist the help of a Designer but prefer to execute the design yourself, I have a range of Remote Design services to help you out. 

Is Remote Interior Design for Me?

  • Do you get joy out of implementing a design on your own but need a little direction?   

  • Are you on a budget and want to purchase wisely with an end goal in mind?

  • Do you know what your style is but can't seem to pull a full design together?

  • Are you ready to purchase major pieces for you home and want to avoid costly mistakes?  

  • Do you have a room with a tricky layout and can't figure out where to place your furniture?

  • Do you have a lot of different questions and just need to pick the brain of a Designer for a bit?

  • Do you want a custom design so you can ensure your space will be unique?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you're in luck.  All of these problems can be solved with Remote Design!  Explore my packages below and get started today!  Also check out this video on How eDesign Works. 

Colorful Contemporary Living Room

Full-Service e-Design

A complete plan that helps you fully visualize the transformation and get a professionally designed space. 

Glamorous Feminine Home Office

Refresh e-Design

If you want a professionally designed space but need a little less than full-service, this package is for you.

Floorplan of Basement Lounge

Floorplan Only

Get help with arranging your existing furniture or plan before purchasing to avoid mistakes.  

Retro Drink Lounge

Concept Board Only

Get an inspirational board with a complete look that you can use to pull your space together.

Woman on a Video Call

Designer On Call

Schedule a one and a half hour video call with me to get help with your design dilemmas. 


Add-On Hours

Need more hours for an ongoing project?  Get them here.   

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