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Add-on Hours

Are you an existing client and need more hours?  Book them here!

Consultation Hours

For Staging, Paint Consultations and Designer On-Call

 $100 per hour with 1 hour minimum
Design Hours

For Full-Service and Refresh eDesign, Floorplans and Concept Boards

 $100 per hour with 5 hour minimum

Please read all of the information below prior to booking.  By booking your are agreeing to all of these terms. 

Not already a client but want to book my services?  Check out my offerings here.

The Process


  1. For additional Consultation hours:  

    • By clicking above you will be taken to the Consultation Booking page.  Clicking on the appropriate service will show you available times on my calendar.  

    • For Designer On-Call Consultation Hours you will be allowed to book and pay for your additional time online as long as the time is available on my calendar. Once I receive notification of your booking I will make the necessary changes to our Zoom appointment if needed and update you.

    •  For Paint and Staging Consultation Hours you will choose a time and request to book.  If I can accommodate the requested time I will confirm and manually add your appointment to my calendar.  If I cannot accommodate the requested time I will contact you to give you other options. The reason I do this is that I need to factor travel time into your request. Once booked I will send you an invoice that must be paid no fewer than 72 hours before our scheduled appointment.  Failure to pay on time will result in cancelation of the additional time request but not cancelation of the original appointment. 

    • I take all bookings on a first come, first served basis.  

  2. For additional Design hours: 

    • The link above will allow you to email me a request for additional hours.

    • Please let me know what your original package was and provide details regarding why you are requesting additional design hours.

      • Occasionally you would get better value from booking another service or product, and if this is the case I will be upfront with you. 

      • Be aware that any work done on your project, whether design or administrative, will be tracked and deducted from your purchased hours.  Once we have exhausted the design hours you have purchased it will be necessary for you to purchase additional hours to continue, regardless of the status of the project.  

    • If we agree to proceed I will send you an invoice for the additional time as well as a new eDesign Agreement for the additional scope of work. Once the invoice is paid we will get started. 

Things to Note
  • There are no cancellations or refunds for Add-On Hours packages once the invoice is paid or online payment is processed.  Add-On Hours packages cannot be prorated.    

  • Add-on Hours can only be applied to current, upcoming or previously completed appointments or projects.  They cannot be used for stand alone services.  If you need new services, please see my eDesign or Local service options.

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