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Michelle Santhanam

Owner, Principal Designer

Hi, I'm Michelle, owner of Refresh Home Design.  I began my creative journey at a young age, studying Visual Art and Music at a Performing Arts school where I grew up. Although I didn't know it then, studying the principles of Art...line, composition, color, balance...would later give me an intuitive sense of how to design beautiful interiors.  I continued my love of the Arts in college by completing a major in Literature and dabbling in Visual Art, but the practical side of me turned to Biology as well.  After college I started designing interiors for myself and friends, but went on to get my graduate degree as a Physician Assistant. However, after the birth of my daughter I drifted back to Design because it is my true passion and my artform.


I started Refresh Home Design because I became frustrated by all the one-size-fits-all interiors I was seeing out there.  I have always believed that our homes should be highly personal and unique to us.  You are not your neighbor/best friend/sister-in-law, so why should your home look like theirs?  Your home should unapologetically tell the story of who you were, who you are and who you want to be


Your home should also include things you cherish, collect or that hold meaning for you, so a home design shouldn't always start from scratch.  It should help you "refresh" your environment and your life and pull you into the future while respecting your past.  I love working with clients that want to push past the current trends to create something original, unexpected and intensely personal.  


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