Material Mastery - Focus on Burl Wood

Burl wood is having a major design moment right now, and if you are already familiar with it you know why. This highly sought after material is full of visual texture, character and depth. It has the ability to elevate the simplest furnishings to heirloom status. But why? What is so special about it?

First things first. If you're not familiar with burl wood here are some examples for you.

Pretty stunning, right?

So what exactly IS burl wood? It's not actually one species of wood. Burl wood can come from any tree that develops a burl. A burl is a growth that emerges on a tree when its typical growth pattern has been disrupted. This can be due to insect damage, fungi, viruses, or injury. Tree burls are true diamonds in the rough. Looking at the outside of them there is no way to know the treasure that lies inside. Here's what they look like growing on a tree: