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!!The Style Quiz is Live!!...and some outdoor living finds.

It's been a labor of love but it's finally Design Style Quiz is live!

A little back story on this quiz. It became glaringly apparent to me over the years that a lot of people don't have any idea what their style is. But they can pick out what they like and don't like! I wanted a fast and easy way to help people figure out what their style is by picking out items they like. And hence this quiz was born. Just pick the things you like and the quiz figures out the rest!

Also, almost no one's style is 100% of one thing. So, my quiz shows your top two results to make it even more personalized for YOU and easier to shop for what you love! Click below to take the quiz and let me know what you get in the comments below! that my quiz and Design Style posts are officially complete I can turn my attention to other things. Like getting ready for some Outdoor Living!

The weather here has been like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Last weekend it was 70 degrees so out came all out patio furniture. Yay! Then yesterday we had a mini snow storm and I was regretting that decision. Anyway, as I was scrutinizing our furniture after another winter of storage I was noticing that some of our things have seen better days. That, of course, got me dreaming of redecorating our outdoor space. And the next thing I know I'm scouring the internet to see what's new for Outdoor Living this season. (I mean, what kind of Designer would I be if I didn't do this I ask you? It's my duty!)

Here are some of my absolute favorite finds. While I can't promise too many of these will make an appearance on my deck this year (due to needing a new roof) it sure is some amazing eye candy.

Looking at these it's obvious I'm feeling a serious black and white vibe right now. It's also obvious that the lines between indoors and outdoors continue to be blurred. Anyone lucky enough to have had an outdoor space this past year is acutely aware of how it improves the quality of our lives. And we want the same function and comfort in our outdoor spaces as we have in our indoor spaces. As a result, many outdoor furnishings look no different than the indoor ones currently available.

This is partly due to a revolution in performance fabrics that now shed dirt, water and bacteria like the back of a duck. Perennials, a leader in the performance fabrics world, has a new motto... "Live Fearlessly". Indeed. With fabrics and rugs that repel stains like wine and mud, and are cleanable with a diluted solution of bleach, you truly can live fearlessly. I have no affiliation with them...I just love their products. Perennials is to the trade only but if a retailer offers your furniture in this fabric CHOOSE IT! You will never regret the decision.

I just want a sofa outside that my dogs can't stain with their paws after digging in the garden. It used to be a pipe dream. Now it can be reality. At least my sofa can look pristine...even if my garden can't.

Here are some more great picks for outdoor lounging...

...and dining...

...a place to put your drink...

...and some entertainment for you and your guests!

Now take your Style Quiz and get out there and have a great Spring and Summer!

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