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High-Low Decorating - Spring 2021

It's been a long time (read November) since I did a High/Low but I've been noticing a lot of really good dupes lately and I have to share!

Again, as I said in November, I advocate for getting the best quality products you can. It will save you money in the long run. Having said that, I understand the need for practicality. I personally don't know anyone that is independently wealthy. Doubt I ever will. We regular people need to know when to save and when to splurge.

So, in that are some great High/Low finds for you...with a twist! This time I'm going to let you guess which is which! Ready? Set. Go! Let's play High/Low!

Curves are all the rage right now and these cabinets are both so good. The one on the left has some storage drawers which I love. We all have some not-so-pretty stuff we need to hide. It also has a Carrara marble shelf, and those legs are to die for! Then this beauty on the right is made of drifted oak in two tones. With both fixed and adjustable shelves it can fit all of your favorite books or treasured items. The antiqued brass handles and overall shape were inspired by libraries in the 1940's.

Have you guessed yet? These are by far the most expensive example here. But I had to include them because, well, look at them! Gorgeous! The one on the left is the Fern Storage Cabinet at Anthropologie coming in at $2498. While not cheap by any means, it definitely beats the Tolle Cabinet at Scout and Nimble coming in at $3199.

Surprised? Or did you get it right? Let's play on!

I really love this look. It works well with so many styles including Scandinavian, Midcentury, Cozy Transitional, Industrial, Contemporary... the way, if you haven't taken my Design Style Quiz yet, get on over there and do it. All of these terms will start to make a lot more sense if you do. And it will help you figure out your own style so you can start decorating for YOU and not copying your best friend!

So, was this one obvious to you? If so you're a bit of a design wiz! The one on the left is the Balka Woven Leather Lounge Chair at Target for $309.99. The one on the right is the Fenton Woven Leather Accent Chair at Pottery Barn for $499. Didn't get that one right? No worries, keep on trying!

Next up are these beauties.

If you got this one I'll be really impressed because it seems a bit counterintuitive to me. The one the left is the Griffin Round Geometric Angle Cut Wall Mirror at Lamps Plus for $299. The one on the right is the Luxurious Wall Mounted Mirror at Amazon for $210.99. I incorrectly assumed that the more facets, the more expensive the mirror but as you can see that is not the case here.

If you didn't get that one no worries. Maybe you'll have some better luck with wallpaper!

Ok, this one is understandably hard. The one on the left has multiple colors which you would think would increase the cost. However there is more detail in the paper on the right and if you look carefully there's a texture to it as well. So on the left is Art Deco Swan from Spoonflower on Amazon for $77/roll. The one on the right is Feather Flock by Genevieve Gorder at Neiman Marcus on sale for $127.50 (usually $170).

If you got that one, congratulations. Keep it up!

Ok, this one is really hard because they look so similar. The one on the left is the Gold Leaf Metal and Glass Rolling Bar Cart from Home Depot for $169. What??!! And the one on the right is the Terrace Bar Cart from West Elm for $399.

Ok, this one may have been a little easier depending on how much home decor you buy. The one on the left is the Set of Two Gold Nesting Bowls at Amara Home for $47, and the one on the right is the Hammered Black and Brass Metal Round Bowl Set of Two at Amazon for $24.99.

This one is pretty good but a couple of things jumped out at me right away. The one on the right has a chain which means more metal, which equals higher cost. Also, that shiny finish means some serious polishing which cannot be done entirely by machine while that hammered metal look can be. So, on the left is the Rodan Hammered Brass Pendant Light at Crate and Barrel for $349, while the one on the right is the Whare Pendant Light from 2Modern for $621.96.

Just three more to go so stick with me. Let's head outdoors for the rest!

Ok, I know the first one comes with a stand so that could throw you off, and the cushions are bigger and look more comfortable. But...look at the tight weave on that second one. Definitely a lot more work and materials. Of course, if you buy the first who's gonna know? The left one is the Hampton Bay Outdoor Patio Egg Lounge Chair at Home Depot for $499 while the right one is the Pod Hanging Chair from CB2 for $899.

I truly can't believe the prices on this one. On the left you're looking at the Riviera Dining Chair at Serena and Lily for $248 a piece. The one on the right is the Elize Outdoor French Bistro Chair (Set of 4) at Overstock for $377.99. That's just under $95 each! Seriously, go getcha some!

This final one I saved for the end because I think there is NO WAY anyone is getting it right unless it's by chance. These look so similar it's just pure luck if you get it.

On the left we have the Box Galvanized Rectangular Planter at CB2 for $59.95, and on the left is the Modern Fiberstone Tall Rectangular Planter at Rejuvenation for $199. Crazy, right? I think you know which one I prefer!

That's all for this round of Let's Play High/Low. I really hope you had a difficult time telling which was which because that's proof that you really CAN get the look for less!

If you haven't yet, take my Design Style Quiz to see what your personal style is!

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