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Fruit Fever - Fresh Summer Decor

When you think of summer what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the pool or beach? Grilling? Tending your garden? Sleeping under the stars? While all of these things do come to mind for me, the first thing I think is FRUIT!

Living in northeast Ohio means that the best fruits only arrive come summer, and for a very short time. So I try to take advantage of their arrival. Berry picking is one of my favorite activities with my daughter every year. We usually make a full morning of it, going out early before the sun gets hot, and ending with lunch together. The berries usually end up in jams and summer recipes, if they don't get eaten during prep.

Or, my husband mixes up some fruity summer cocktails like this tasty Berry Mojito.

This drink recipe is from one of my favorite food blogs, Adventures In Cooking. Can you believe this amazingly beautiful photo? I am in awe.

And one thing I never miss is The Peach Truck coming up from Georgia! If you've never heard of these guys they are a must try.

They deliver the juiciest, most perfect peaches via their yearly tour, or you can just have them shipped to your door. They come to my area twice a season so I pick up a box or two each time. I am ruined for every other peach on the planet now and REFUSE to buy them at the grocery store.

As a child we had a peach tree in our backyard that gave us the same perfect, flavorful peaches. We ate them on our back porch with the juice dripping down our chin and arms. Then we would rinse off in the hose at the side of the house. To me, that is still the perfect way to eat a peach.

I have their cookbook and it's so good. They sell pecans too, and I always grab a couple of bags. I think I may have mentioned that we are a Bourbon loving family. Peaches, bourbon and pecans cook up together into some amazing southern goodness.

This Blueberry Peach Crumble from Two Peas & Their Pod is one of my go-to desserts for summer. It's so fast and easy and can feed a crowd. Add some pecans into that crumble and it takes it to the next level.

I can't wait to start getting the first fruits of the year but I am always surprised by how quickly it flies by once it's here. But you can extend that short-lived season if you use fruit in your decor! About this time of year summer merchandise starts to pop up and fruit is everywhere. The bright colors keep me going in the Spring when the weather is still so unpredictable. Here are some of my favorites.

These gorgeous pillows are made with one of my favorite fabrics, Schumacher's Citrus Garden. Whenever I see it I'm instantly cheered up because it's so bright and whimsical. It comes in three colorways...Pool, Lime and Primary. The one above is Pool. It also comes in wallpaper as well as sheer and outdoor fabrics. Be still my heart!

Check out these other fruit printed pillows I found.

That espalier-inspired fabric with the oranges is so great. I would love to have some espaliered trees in my yard but I lack the patience to make that happen. Maybe when I retire.

Another favorite fabric of mine is this Pineapples Chintz also by Schumacher. This print could live happily in a range of home styles, from tropical to contemporary.

My only wish is that it came in an outdoor fabric because I would drape my whole deck in it, and break out the pina coladas. Then I could pretend that I was in an island paradise all summer.

Now on to some wallpaper love. This Orange Crush Wallpaper is so fun and I love the name. I certainly do have a crush on it! I have seen it installed in a number of spaces. It's perfect for that summer feeling all year long. Wouldn't it be nice to pretend you're walking in an orange grove, even during the deepest winter?

Here are some more fruity wallpapers.

I'm partial to the dragonfruit and the papaya myself. The digitally printed ones are definitely not for everyone. But they could have some really fun applications. Brightly colored kiwi pantry anyone? Hmmm, not a bad idea.

If wallpaper is a little too permanent for you no worries. Temporary, seasonal decor may be more your style. Rugs, plates, faux florals, bedsheets...there's lots of ways to work this summer fruit theme into your home.

I'm seriously coveting those pineapple plates...they're reminiscent of the Pineapples Chintz fabric above. And some of those dishtowels may just show up in my kitchen soon.

Alternately you could change up your art with the season. Fruit is a classic subject for still lifes and is adaptable to any style. How energizing are all of these colorful prints?

And just for fun here's some fruit you can carry or wear this summer. Sometimes all you need to cheer you up is a pineapple purse or strawberry print dress.

That's all for now friends! I hope this gets you dreaming of those long summer days to come. Definitely try out those recipes and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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