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RHD - Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - Gifts for Sarcastic Friends

This gift list is for the sarcastic, the misanthropic and the smart-assed people in your life a la David Rose. (If you don't get this Schitt's Creek reference it's total binge-watching goodness.)

Anyway, it could be that friend who always says exactly what they think as soon as they think it. Or your sassy sister who has a wicked sense of humor and razor sharp tongue. Or your college roommate who has a way of putting everyone in their place with a quick retort and steely glance. Anyone you think would get a kick out of a little sarcasm and wit...this is for them!

Disclaimer: If you lack a sense of humor or are prone to fits of moral superiority over a couple of well placed swear words, please go be morally superior somewhere else. All the normal people can keep reading.

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