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Paint Color Consultation

Choosing the right paint colors for your space can be challenging. Color significantly influences the mood of a room and our feelings within it. Room orientation, lighting, and surrounding colors can all affect how a color is perceived. Take the stress out of selecting the perfect paint by booking a one-hour in-home consultation with me. I'll help you find the ideal hues to transform your space!

What is Included?
  • Pre-assessment of your style and preferences using a questionnaire.

  • One 1 hour on-site consultation. 

  • One color schedule with your custom paint selections (example below.)

Example of Color Schedule Available with Paint Color Consultation Service



Please read all of the information below prior to booking.  By booking your are agreeing to all of these terms. 

The Process
  • Once I receive your payment, I will send you a welcome email within 2 business days.  This will contain a link to a Color Questionnaire, and the Design Agreement.  After you have filled out the questionnaire and signed our Design Agreement I will send you a link to my calendar to pick an appointment time.  

  • Before our appointment I send you a short questionnaire so I can get an idea of your preferences, your vision for the space(s) and any inspiration pieces you may have.  

  • On the day of our appointment I start by taking note of the room's characteristics and other colors in the room and any adjoining spaces.  Together we find 1-2 perfect color choices for your walls, ceiling, trims, cabinetry, windows and doors.   

  • We work our way through as many spaces as we have time for in one hour.  I take notes along the way so you don't have to. 

  • After our appointment I send you a follow-up email with a chart of the paint colors we chose including codes and finishes for each surface along with any tips I think will help you. 

Things to Note
  • A paint consultation is a one hour on-site appointment.  If you have more than two or three rooms to address it may take longer than this.  You may purchase additional time in one hour increments prior to our appointment if you feel more time will be needed.  Alternately,  you may book me for another appointment at a later date if we do not finish all of your spaces.  I do not prorate my services and there are no refunds for unused time.   

  • If you have furnishings, decor or inspiration pieces that you want me to consider when choosing colors for your room they must be on site at the time of my visit.  I cannot work off of printed pictures or internet images which may not represent the true colors of the item(s).  

  • Please keep in mind that paint should be your last choice for a room.  It is much easier to find a paint color to match your decor than the other way around.  Your room(s) should be decorated with items you intend to keep to give me a jumping off  point. The exception to this would be unfinished kitchens and bathrooms, however you must have samples of all your finish choices on site for me to reference.  

  • In most cases I will give you two wall color options so you can pick your favorite.   I highly recommend that you purchase paint samples and try them out in the space before committing to the whole room, particularly if you are hiring a painter.  The easiest way to do this is to go to Samplize where you can buy removable/reusable peel and stick samples.  Try colors out on multiple walls and look at them in all lighting situations before making your decision.  This relatively minor expense can save you a costly mistake.

  • If you are DIY-ing your paint job and decide to purchase Sherwin-Williams products, I am able to offer you a small discount if you order through me.  Talk to me about this at the time of our appointment or email me any time afterward to make arrangements. 

  • This service is subject to availability on my calendar.  Paint Color Consultations are only available during my normal business hours.  Check below for my current hours. 

  • There are no cancellations or refunds on Paint Color Consultation packages once they are booked. However, I do understand that things come up and you may need to reschedule an existing appointment for a later date.  You can reschedule up to 24 hours before our scheduled appointment. 

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