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GET THE LOOK - What is Cozy Transitional Style?

Updated: 3 days ago

***Original post 2021.***

Transitional Style uses a careful balance of Modern and Traditional design elements (I discuss what Modern Design is here...FYI it's different from Contemporary)! The result is a timeless, classic interior that feels polished but comfortable. Transitional interiors should never feel too precious or overdone. They should be as comfortable for lounging on a Saturday morning as they are for entertaining on a Saturday night. Transitional interiors are, above all, livable.

I like to divide Transitional Style into two categories. I do this because when someone tells me their style is Transitional it still doesn't give me the whole picture. Breaking it down a little more helps me better understand their preferences. First up...Cozy Transitional. (You can find my post about Chic Transitional here.)

Cozy Transitional Style

Transitional living room using cozy finishes, muted earth tones and sturdy furnishings with square lines.

Cozy Transitional style relies on earthier colors and materials to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a space while still keeping that polish.

How to Get the Look - Key Elements

  1. MATERIALS - Anything that brings a sense of warmth can be used like wool, chenille, brushed cotton, leather, suede and velvet upholstery. Flooring is usually wood in mid to dark tones with tile being reserved for kitchens, baths and entries. Metal finishes are brushed or matte. Nothing should be too reflective.

  2. FURNISHINGS - Simple straight lines and gentle curves are mixed in one space, but Cozy Transitional style tends to favor a more solid, structured style. Furniture should be big enough for lounging but not overwhelm the room. Lines are straight and a bit blockier. Furnishings can be painted but are more often stained in mid to dark tones.

  3. COLORS & PRINTS - The primarily neutral palette includes warm whites, taupes, tans, and browns. Look to texture to provide interest in a subtle way. If using color, a bit muted is best. Darks colors add depth and warmth. Prints that feel casual, like plaids, checks or herringbone work well. Prints should be large and substantial rather than small and delicate.

  4. LIGHTING - Lighting is often inspired by the shapes of traditional fixtures that have been simplified and modernized a bit. Any complicated embellishments have been removed and lines are smoothed to make them seem less fussy. Fixtures lean toward more substantial lines...nothing too delicate.

  5. ACCESSORIES - Accessories should be simple and minimal. Focus on form and texture, using accessories individually or grouped for impact.

Now that you have the tools, start creating your own Cozy Transitional refuge! Click on any of the products below to Shop the Look.

***Updated April 2024.  In the case that the same items were not available, similar items were chosen.***

Cozy Transitional Style

Not a fan of the options above? Here are some alternatives so you can make it your own! Click on any of the items to get a closer look.

Cozy Transitional Sofas & Chairs

Cozy Transitional Coffee, Side Tables & Bookcases

Cozy Transitional Lighting

Cozy Transitional Accessories

Cozy Transitional Rugs, Pillows & Throws

Websites to shop for more Cozy Transitional Style:

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