GET THE LOOK - What is Chic Transitional Style?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Transitional Style uses a careful balance of Modern and Traditional design elements (I discuss what Modern Design is here...FYI it's different from Contemporary). The result is a timeless, classic interior that feels polished but comfortable. Transitional interiors should never feel too precious or overdone. They should be as comfortable for lounging on a Saturday morning as they are for entertaining on a Saturday night. Transitional interiors are, above all, livable.

I like to divide Transitional Style into two categories. I do this because when someone tells me their style is Transitional it still doesn't give me the whole picture. Breaking it down a little more helps me better understand their preferences. This week...Chic Transitional! If you missed my post on Cozy Transitional you can read that here.

Chic Transitional Style