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RHD Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - 10 Gifts for Your Significant Other

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I'm feeling sooo behind where I wanted to be this time of year and another gift guide is seriously OVERdue! So let's just get right to it, shall we?

How many of you feel like the one person you know best...your significant the HARDEST person in your life to shop for??

What is that?

Shopping for my husband feels like pulling teeth out of my face with tweezers! Sorry for that visual, but it really is that difficult and painful for me. I mean, he has his hobbies and interests, but I think I've hit my quota on expensive golf balls for the rest of our lives. I think my problem is that after 17+ years I'm too considerate. For example, I know he wants new speakers for our home theater. But I also know that he LIVES to pore over technical specs and really wants to pick out that kind of thing himself. Gifting was easier when I blissfully ignored his wishes in these matters. I suppose I could just shop from his wish list but what's the fun in THAT? Sigh.

Anyway, this year is going to be different! I dug up some really unique and fun things. If your spouse/significant other is equally difficult to shop for here are ten solutions just in time to save your hide. You can thank me later.

1. Tiny Cabin in the Woods

Tired of looking at the same four walls and need to recharge and reconnect? Book a tiny cabin in the woods with Getaway. With weekend escapes from many major US cities you can get out and get into nature in comfort. Go on...drop the kids with the grandparents, or put on that "Out of Office" notification and TAKE A BREAK! We've all earned it this year!

2. 50 States Photo Map

Can't do any traveling yourself right now? Grab this map and fill it with travel memories. Then plan the trips you will take together when we can all travel again!

3. Engraved Bracelets

These "Stronger With You" bracelets are so great. They're perfect for both men and women and come in a set.

4. You and Me Ornaments

Or if you'd rather not wear your hearts on your sleeve, you can always hang them on the tree! These ornaments are perfect for adding a little personalization to your holiday decorating.

5. Custom Photobook

Chronicle your life together with a custom photo book like this one from Shutterfly. I have so many digital photos that I never take the time to look at. It would be nice to have a little photo book sitting on the side table to flip through once in a while.

6. Custom Portrait

If the idea of organizing enough photos for a whole album gives you a case of hives, just find two good ones. Send them off to this Etsy artist who will create a cartoon portrait of the two of you.

7. Engraved Wood Watch

Can't ever find the right words to express your love? Let this engraved wood watch do it for you. Available in men's and women's styles.

8. Reasons I Love You Book

Are you one of those people who has LOTS to say about your love? Put them in one of these custom books from Love Book.

9. Hand Casting Kit

Immortalize your love a la the Greeks and Romans with a statue. This hand casting kit has great reviews and wins hands down for ease of use. (See what I did there?)

10. Subscription Box

Trying to beat boredom with all the lockdowns going on but can't get out to engage in your favorite hobby? Try finding a new one you can do together with a subscription box! USA Today created a list of 15 great ones to try like this true crime one pictured above.

So now you have my secret weapon to beat the boring this year. Get out there and shop like a holiday boss!

I've got more gift guides to come so keep checking back for updates. Better yet, hit subscribe above to get email notifications when a new post comes out!

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