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GET THE LOOK - What is Art Deco Interior Design?

Updated: 4 days ago

***Original post 2021.***

I have been taking a little break from blogging so far this year. And that's because I have something in the works that I'm very excited about. I'm doing a new series of blog posts, like this one, about different decorating styles with examples and products to help you GET THE LOOK for your own home! But here's the most exciting part....

...I'm creating a STYLE QUIZ so that YOU can figure out what your OWN design style is!

***Update: The Design Style Quiz is now live! You can access it by clicking here.***

That's not quite ready yet, but will be very soon and I will let you know as soon as it's available. I don't know about you but I love a good quiz. And because design is so visual, it includes a LOT of pictures which I think makes it more fun. So, stay tuned for that little project of mine!

In the meantime, let's talk a little about one of my favorites...ART DECO STYLE!

Everywhere you look these days there are Art Deco furnishings, lighting and finishes popping up. This design style is definitely seeing a resurgence and I couldn't be happier!! This is why....

Art Deco style living room with grey, green, salmon and gold color palette.

...look at all that Gatsby-esque gorgeousness!

Ok, now buckle up for a little history lesson....don't worry, it's very little.

Art Deco was a style popular in the 1920's and 30's. It represented new modern technology and freedom. After WWI, everyone was ready to party again! Steel, chrome, reinforced concrete, glass, textiles and plastics became available due to the Industrial Revolution. Art Deco style started out as a luxury style, but later became available to everyone through mass-produced products.

Key Elements of Art Deco Interior Design

  1. LUXURY MATERIALS - Marble, jade, lacquered furniture, animal hides, crystal, horn, silver...think over-the-top and you've got the right idea

  2. SHAPES - Furnishings and decor had simple, streamlined shapes, often with curved edges. Geometric and stepped patterns were popular. Zig zags, arches, chevrons, pyramids and sunbursts were widely used motifs.

  3. RICH WOODS - Opt for mahogany, walnut, zebra wood, ebony or any other exotic wood that screams opulent.

  4. STATEMENT LIGHTING - Go for the gold...literally! And crystal, chrome, silver, alabaster....make it impressive, and make it shiny! Just make sure you stick to the popular shapes used at the time (see above).

  5. COLORS - Color palettes are either striking and bold, or soft and in between.

  6. ART - Art draws its inspiration from geometric and figural paintings and sculptures in Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures.

Contemporary Art Deco style uses references to the era without being a slave to every detail. Try mixing in Art Deco pieces here and there for a more subtle take on the look.

Now that you know how, start creating your own Art Deco sanctuary! Click on any of the products below to Shop the Look.

Art Deco style living room with grey, green, salmon and gold color palette.

***Updated April 2024. In the case that the same items were not available, similar items were chosen.***

Not a fan of any of the options above? Here are some alternatives so you can make it your own, and nail the look of Art Deco in your Interior Design! Click on any of the items to get a closer look.

Art Deco Sofas & Chairs

Art Deco Coffee & Side Tables

Art Deco Lighting

Art Deco Accessories

Art Deco Rugs

Art Deco Flooring

Websites to shop for more Art Deco Style:

There's more Interior Design Styles to come so keep checking back. Better yet, hit subscribe at the top of the page to get email notifications when a new post comes out. Let me know what you think of these finds in the comments below!

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If you would like to see more Interior Design Inspiration head over to my Portfolio for a little eye candy.

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